Mission & Values

What we ensure?

We are ensuring that you student will have that your students will have the knowledge and skills that will help them not only succeed in the classroom but are be empowered to become productive citizens of our democratic society. This  is OUR MISSION


of our students successfully got higher rank in their schools and begin their development.


Our Vision to work at your child’s pace and capacity for learning, utilizing effective methods to command advanced concepts. We know that every student is different, but our tutors are able to quickly identify and adapt to your child’s individual needs and capabilities and our tutors are also able to cover a lot of detail in a short amount of time.

Our vision aligns with shifts in the global economy, society, and environment, which animates our mission and our values


Tutor Adda helps students in finding the best excellent and knowledgeable private home tutors for you. Our tutors make students comfortable so that they can ask their confusing questions to the tutors with confidence. We are the best and extensive network to complete your needs.


 Many children are self-unconscious about asking questions in class. Students are always more comfortable with a Private tutors figure in a private classes, making it more likely that they will ask many  desired questions and can receive meaningful answers.


Tutor Adda will help you to choose such a tutor which will good and knowledgeable, and can teach your children well. Our expert tutors through the weekly / Monthly test, the student tries to find out the weak point related to the subject so that our tutors can strengthen the student’s weak point.

"Tutor Adda" helps students improve their learning and deduction skills with lessons and homework assignments and thorough assessment regularly.