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You’ll develop the cultural awareness and critical thinking skills you need to analyze and produce a broad range of discourse in a full spectrum of careers — and to make a difference in whatever you do.

Read The Terms & Conditions before joining

  1. You understand and agree that Tutor Adda Tutorial will charge 50% One Time Commission only from the first month salary or fee payment received. You will be paid your first month fee / salary share by us only after completing all working days / classes of first month. From second month and onward you are entitled to collect the salary / fee directly from Employer / Parents / Student.
  1. you know and agree that you don’t need to pay registration fee. Only you have to give answers to some questions asked by us for security reasons.
  1. We have right to allot / give or not the contact details of enquiries references / leads / enquiries /Job sent to you by us. You can’t argue /claim for any lead /enquiry/Job. And the final decision to go for any particular allotted tuition/enquiry /lead/Job is yours and yours alone.
  1. You know and understand that You will have to give 2-3 days demo classes for a tuition/teaching Job. You will not be paid any amount /conveyance for demo classes. You will teach the student if and only if at least one parent / Parent is present.
  1. After successful demo classes /trail classes when you start a Tuition /Job, you will have to run it properly for at least one month. Because of any type of circumstances, if you want to leave, then you have to give minimum 7 days’ notice period prior to discontinue any tuition /job .
  1. In case of any issues on classes counts/ working days and salary / fee payments between you and Employer / Parent / Student , We will be the final arbiter for concerned matter on the basis of records maintained and signed by you & Employer / Parent in ‘ Class /working day Attendance & Fee/salary Payment Sheet ‘( You are suggested to have record for same in the sheet ) .
  1. You Know and agree that the relationship between Tutor Adda Tutorial and you will not be considered as an employer and employee relation. You or your family will not be paid any compensation amount for loss due to any accident / miss happening / unwanted incidence during and after this job.
  1. You will not discuss about fee / salary to Employer /Parent / Student or and not demand for advance or increase in fee / salary without our consent / permission. If tuition / job is discontinued from Employer /Parent / Student or our side within 60 days of starting and not to be resumed ever anyhow, we will charge 10 % less than normal rate charge of fee / salary for first month classes / days given / worked by you.
  1. You know and understand that if you hide from us the running / doing of tuition / job for any lead(s) details given /provided by us Or do any type monetary fraud, first of all your registration will be cancelled forever with following consequences :

( A ) Your Identity with your details & with AADHAAR No. will be published on our website as defaulter .

( B ) Your Identity with your details & with AADHAAR No. will be circulated / shared with Schools , Coachings, Tutorials & other institutes as defaulter . (Which may result not getting any job in future)

( C ) Appropriate (legal) action may also be taken against you under sections of IPC 406 & 417 for breach of contract or violation of term and conditions. (Which may affect your career)

  1. You know and agree that you will provide / send /show your ID proof, address proof & academic records/documents to us & Parent / Student / Employer whenever we / he demand / require. Provided Documents / details can also be shared with legal authorities only when there is legal requirement due to any relevant reason.

10. You ( Specially Female Teacher / Employee ) know and understand that before very first visit to student / Parent / Employer’s place , you will provide / give full address with Landmark, name and contact number of Parent / Student to your closest person / family member.

11…Tutor/Teacher/Jobseeker Registration can be cancelled/ Suspended without notification on :-

  1. Any misconduct to the Client or Us.
  2. Consecutive Failure of 2 assignments due to any relevant reason. 3rd chance may be considered in specific circumstances.
  3. Absentee for a long duration without notice / information.
  4. Diverting / violating (of) from any term and condition.
  5. Actions /doings / activities done by Tutor / Teacher having negative effect on our interests.

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