Full Form of CRC in Computer

Full Form of CRC in Computer : Cyclic Redundancy Check

A cyclic redundancy test (CRC) is a code for detecting errors that is for detecting unintended changes in raw data, commonly used in digital networks and storage devices. Both sender and receiver side use Generator Polynomial. Data blocks entering the system are given a short data verification value based on the remainder of the polynomial division of the content. When the calculation is retrieved, corrective action may be taken against data manipulation in case the test values are not matched.

It can detect all odd numbers of error, single-bit error, double-bit error and burst error of length equal to the polynomial degree.

CRCs are known as “Redundancy Check” since the check value is redundancy and the Algorithm is based on cyclic codes. CRCs are essential because they are convenient to use, easy to implement and especially good at detecting well-known noise errors in transmission channels. Since the verification value has a fixed length, the functions generated is used as a hash function from time to time.

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