Full Form of CAL in Computer

What is the Full Form of CAL in Computer?

CAL: Computer-Aided Learning or Computer-assisted Learning

Computer-Aided Learning (CAL) is an integrated technology that assists a learner to learn certain subjects with the help of computer programs. Computer- learning is a technique to make teaching productive and joyful.┬áThe computer’s flexibility as support ensures its success in school. CAL has become very common these days. It has made the learning process much faster, easier and joyful.

The Internet has enabled the exchange of information on all subjects very easily. Many websites are now providing online teaching facilities with some charges. But there are many free contents available on the internet which can be used to enhance learning in any subject. Some other examples of CAL are smart classes, interactive CDs, audiobooks, etc.

Different terminologies of Computer-Aided Learning (CAL)

CLL computer-assisted language learning
CAI Computer-Assisted Instruction
CBT Computer-Based Training
WBI Web-Based Instruction
CLL Computer-Assisted Language Learning
WBI Web-Based Instruction

Benefits of CAL

1. To encourage students to gain a pleasant experience.
2. To raise interest in the subject of learning.
3. To encourage the growth of teachers as it promotes a collaborative approach.
4. To provide uninterrupted learning opportunities for the student.
5. To provide a curriculum that will encourage any child’s interest to ensure success in education.
6. It can be accessed from anywhere regardless of time, location or any other factor.
7. A learner is not affected by the performance of other students.
8. Different media formats such as audio, video, images, presentations, etc are used to make the learning experience easier.
9. It can be used in situations where students cannot come to schools, such as remote village areas.
10. The widespread use of CAL has been recently observed during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

Limitations of CAL

1. Costly equipment makes it difficult to implement in low budget institutions.
2. It requires technical expertise to handle the equipment. Mishandling can cause damage to the equipment and future adding to financial losses.
3. It fails to provide physical or hands-on experience to the students.

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