EPC Full Form in B.Ed

What is EPC Full Form in B.Ed?

EPC: Enhancing Professional Capacities

EPC stands for Enhancing Professional Capacities. The EPC is intended to provide a means to learn new forms of self-experiment and thinking the feel of life is an infinite journey, whether confined or superior.

It focuses on the growth of awareness, interaction with life and experiences in art. It offers teachers a happier perspective, cultivate autonomous decision-taking, cultivate a desire to explore and learn, connect fearlessly with one another, grow the spirit of stand-alone, feel peace and happiness within oneself, and encourage the importance of non-verbal expressions and self-sufficiency. This cycle also contributes to an understanding of cultural and folk art heritage. It would be a question of awareness to enhance efficiency.

EPC Subjects in B.Ed curriculum

  • Reading and Reflecting on texts
  • Drama and Art in Education / Art, Craft and Aesthetics
  • Critical Understanding of ITC (Information and communications technology)
  • Understanding the Self and Yoga
  • Peace Education

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